Monday, August 6, 2007

Hijab is not religious attire

by Daniel Charles from The Pakistan Christian Post

There is no such word of “HIJAB” meaning head covering for women in the holy Quran. “Hijab” is not a religious attire. Also modern Muslims believe it is optional. The option to choose wearing of hijab is a fad created by the Wahhabs of Saudi government. It is not a religious law to wear it. Australia’s most prominent Islamic Cleric Sheikh Taj Ul Din Al-Hilali, long a lightning rod in strained relations between the government and the Muslims minority, vowed to stand strong against widespread outrage over his description of women who don’t wear headscarves (Hijab) as “Uncovered meat” who invite rape ... "If a woman does not want to wear a burka and someone forces her to do so, this is a violation of Islamic law,” said Khaja Ahmed Sadeqi, chief cleric at a mosque north of Kabul who who also serves as a Supreme Court judge in Afghanistan. “The Afghan burka is merely a social custom. In some areas, this social custom has become a religion.”

Secret Call Log To Challenge Domestic Wiretap Program

from The Associated Press

This secret government log of calls between an Islamic charity and its American lawyers is kept in a bombproof safe in Washington. And it's at the heart of what legal experts say may be the strongest case against the Bush administration's warrantless eavesdropping program. Lawyers for a prominent Saudi charity shut down after authorities declared it a terrorist organization are suing the U-S government in federal court. They say the National Security Administration illegally intercepted the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation's telephone calls without warrants -- and cite the Document as proof. The federal appeals court in San Francisco plans to hear arguments in the case later this month.

Dharma Cola

by Swapan Dasgupta from Outlook India

The core conflict, it seems to me, involves faiths of Indian and non-Indian origin. The core conflict, it seems to me, involves faiths of Indian and non-Indian origin. The evolution of a uniquely Indian Islam has, for example, floundered in the face of a Wahabi Islamism that ends up Arabising local Muslims. Likewise, the Roman Catholic Church has made its antipathy to Eastern spirituality quite open. The absence of a national theology agitated individual Muslims like Dara Shikoh and many upper-caste Indian Christians. It led to experiments with "Hindu Christianity" and calls to abandon conversions altogether ... . A national approach to faith may be an Indian solution to dharmantaran.

Tension in Iran-Bahrain Relations After Kayhan Editor Claims Bahrain Is Inseparable Part of Iran

by Y. Mansharof and I. Rapoport from MEMRI

Tension has recently developed between Iran and the Gulf states, particularly Bahrain, in the wake of an op-ed by the editor of the Iranian daily Kayhan, Hossein Shariatmadari, who is an associate of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The op-ed, which depicted the Gulf regimes as "not legitimate" and claimed that Bahrain is an inseparable part of Iran and should be returned to it ... Bahraini Parliamentary Council for Foreign Affairs, Defense, and National Security chairman Sheikh 'Adel Al-Mu'awada demanded that Iran officially apologize for Shariatmadari's words, since, he said, they represent the official position of the Iranian regime. Salafi Sheikh and MP Jasim Al-Sa'idi called for terminating diplomatic relations with Iran, even issuing a fatwa stating that anyone who believes in the truth of Shariatmadari's words should be considered Khawarij, and as such must be "punished by death, unless he repents within three days."

Friend and foe

by Richard Reeves from Gatehouse Media (GHS)

I was there in those days, and one of the more remarkable things I noticed was that the Islamist fighters saw no difference between Russians and Americans. 'Red-faced monkeys," they called all of us, foreigners who wanted to educate their women ... The reason we want to throw billions around to buy weapons, which will inevitably be used against us, is to frighten and contain Iran, the Shiite theocracy that has few friends in Sunni Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. But all this will get worse before it gets better, because what our "moderate" friends are trying to do is to buy off their own people. The royal family in Saudi Arabia and the military governments of Pakistan survive by turning over large chunks of their power and countries to fundamentalist mullahs, the whip-wielders and the rock-throwers. And "red-faced monkeys" like us are willing to give them the money to do it. This is post-9/11 politics. We do not know who our friends are. We do not know who our enemies are.

Mothers of Missing Vow Hunger Strike

by Arsen Mollayev from The Associated Press

The president of Dagestan, Mukhu Aliev, admitted last month that 76 people have been kidnapped so far this year in Dagestan. In six of those cases, the abductors wore camouflage uniforms similar to those worn by law enforcement officers. At least 20 young men and women are believed to have been kidnapped by uniform-wearing armed men since April alone, Isayeva said ... Some of the missing men attended mosques that are not controlled by government-sanctioned Muslim clergy. The mother's group said authorities have accused some unsanctioned clergy of preaching the fundamentalist Wahhabi strain of Islam. Isayeva said masked men seized her 26-year-old son near the family's apartment in late April, as they rounded up suspected Islamic militants. She has not seen him since.