Sunday, June 10, 2007

Compassionate Justice: Source of Convergence between Science and Religion - Part 1

by Dr. Robert Dickson Crane from the International Institute of Islamic Thought

The worst heresy among Muslims is evidenced by the official Saudi translations of the Qur’an which assert that the above two verses and all like them have been abrogated by verses that say only Muslims can enter heaven. This, of course, is arguing in the classical vicious circle (circulosum viciosum), because the allegedly abrogated verses clearly define the terms Islam and Muslim. This doctrine of abrogation has functioned like a computer virus and has multiplied into the abrogation of hundreds of verses. Those who justify their new, hate-filled religion by asserting that God changed his mind through abrogation are playing God. This process of selective interpretation and deletion eventually would gut the entire Qur’an of all meaning.

We could pay a grave price for our addiction to arms deals

by Carne Ross from The Guardian

A simple question for those who affirm the realism of British policy towards Saudi Arabia: are political repression and autocracy likely to feed terrorism? If yes, then our policy is precisely wrong. We are supporting the very thing that will perpetuate our terrorist problem. For decades, western policy towards Saudi Arabia has been about arms sales, oil, and deference to the autocrats. The recent history of Saudi-origin terrorists - 15 of the 20 September 11 hijackers - suggests at the very least that this policy may not be working.