Friday, December 7, 2007

U.S. To Propose $20B Mideast Arms Sale in Chunks

by William Matthews from Defense News (US: Virginia)

The department notified Congress on Dec. 4 of proposed sales of missile defense systems to Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and upgrades to UAE radar planes. In all, the sales would be worth about $10.8 billion ... Separating the missile defense system sales and the E-2 upgrades from the precision bomb kits probably increases their chance for congressional approval. So does the timing of the notification. Once formal notification occurs, lawmakers in both houses have 30 days to pass resolutions of disapproval; otherwise, the sale goes forward. Congress is expected to be in recess for Christmas and New Years during most of the 30-day period. Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike opposed the sale of precision-guided bomb kits and denounced Saudi Arabia for having “not been a true ally in the war on terror or furthering the United States’ interests in the Middle East.”

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