Thursday, December 6, 2007

‘Qatif Girl’ Lawyer May Get License Back Next Week

by Ebtihal Mubarak from Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

“In the Qatif Girl case they are accusing me of contacting the Human Rights Commission and the justice minister. This is absurd. I’m a Saudi lawyer. My authoritative source is the minister. Why am I blamed for contacting him?” said Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem. The prosecutor’s summons also lists an objection that Al-Lahem represented the rape victim after the case was closed and a final judgment was made ... “If I was wrong in contacting the minister then why did the Higher Court looked at the case in the first place?” said Al-Lahem. The prosecutor is also accusing Al-Lahem of giving statements to the local media while representing the forcefully-divorced couple. “Al-Lahem accused the judges of depending on custom, not Shariah in issuing their verdict when divorcing the couple,” the summons said, quoting a TV interview.

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