Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Press praise, blogger anger over Saudi rape girl pardon

Agence France-Presse (France)

The royal pardon was "fresh proof of the wisdom and mercy of the father of the nation," wrote Al-Watan newspaper's columnist Abdullah al-Almi. "It is a victory for justice... and for the defense of human rights and an affirmation of female dignity." Several newspapers gave prominent coverage to comments by the victim's husband hailing the "noble gesture" of the king ... But reaction on websites dedicated to carrying uncensored commentary on the kingdom's affairs was far more critical. "This is a flagrant US interference in our internal affairs," said one anonymous blogger on the site Another blogger who gave his name as Abdullah Zaqil said: "The state should have shown more confidence in the judiciary. "The internationalization of this case has had negative repercussions that only a fool or a hypocrite could ignore or pretend to ignore." A third blogger, signing in as Abu Lujain Ibrahim, asked: "Was this woman pardoned in accordance with Islamic law or as a result of foreign pressure? Are we the masters of our own policies or are they controlled by the foreign media?"

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Abu Daoud said...

I also know of other Muslim bloggers who are upset that it was even a pardon. A pardon means that she was guilty of a crime. What was her crime?