Friday, December 14, 2007

My son’s deed dishonoured me: said the Kamikaze’s father

Ghania kamraoui, Ech-Chorouk (Algeria)

Sharzef Mouloud the father of Sharef Al Arbi, the real name of the kamikaze who carried out the attack on the constitutional council, staunchly denounced the barbarous act that his son perpetrated on innocent civilians that led to the death of dozens. He said that he couldn’t imagine one day that his son would carry out such heinous deeds, especially that he had benefited from the "Mercy" law initiated by the Algerian authorities in April 2006. in addition to that his son passed the Baccalaureate exams while which enabled him to pursue his studies and graduate from the university. According to his father, Sharef al Arbi was a quite young man he has always avoided to fuss with his brothers and sisters; he helped in feeding the family members through the distribution of medicines here in Algiers. He further added that his son went two times to Saudi Arabia for religious purposes the first time, he accompanied his aunt whereas the second time he went alone. He brought with him stuffs to sell as everybody does here.

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