Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Iraq Press Roundup

Hiba Dawood, UPI

The Association of Muslim Scholars'Al Basaer newspaper said Tuesday it is important to analyze the declaration of intent between the United States and Iraq, which it called a declaration of bad intentions. The Saudi-based paper said any misuse of the law for the benefit of the occupiers, whether by the Security Council or others, will not deceive the people of Iraq who are against the occupation. It said that when the occupiers deal with the saying "Those who are not with me, are against me," they drive people to be against them ... "Two groups are present in the Iraqi street: one that refuses the occupation with the help of the tribesmen and the other group that is represented by a gathering of those involved in the crippled political process and unable to even serve the occupiers' interests." It also said that the White House was protecting those "seated on their chairs," revealing the absence of Iraqi sovereignty. "Those who can't protect themselves are illegible to sign a security agreement ... The Iraqi people won't approve it because it marginalizes the will of the people," it said.

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