Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Film documents plight of Saudi families

by Wael Mahdi from Arabian Business (UAE)

Abdullah Al-Hamoud, Chairman of the Saudi charity Awasser, said on Sunday that it had produced the first documentary in Saudi that discuses the life of troubled Saudi families living abroad. Awasser interviewed many of women who were abandoned by their Saudis husbands. The file expose the extreme poverty and very impoverished conditions the offspring of those Saudis ... In countries like Egypt, Syria and Morocco, where most of Saudi males prefer to spend their holidays, it is easy for Saudis to marry locals without firm marriage contracts, Al-Hamoud said. Most of these marriages are known as “Ourfi” marriages, which stands for acknowledged marriages. But even if a marriage is legal there might be another problem in that many Saudis do not want to bring their foreign wives to the kingdom, Al-Hamoud said. Awasser, which looks after the welfare of Saudi families abroad, has reaching out to the media lately for support to help 3,000 Saudi families living in poverty in places like Egypt, Morocco, Syria, and East Asia.

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