Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Woman presumed dead returns home after 13 years

by Kapila Somaratne from The Daily News, (Sri Lanka)

N.G. Mallika, a middle aged woman who was presumed dead by her family, returned home after 13 years in Saudi Arabia working as a house maid. "Now I am 51 years. I had to undergo many difficulties and could not correspondent with the family as all my documents including the passport was destroyed by one of the landowners. I was in house arrest for several years. I escaped from that house having worked here for several years without payment and complained to the embassy. They summoned the land owner and held an inquiry. The officials forced her to pay all the dues. She paid Rs. 1.6 million [US$ 14,555] to me." Mallika thanked the Foreign Employment Bureau for helping her return home.

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