Thursday, November 1, 2007

Walid Shoebat's story is inspiring, cautionary

by James D. Buckman from The Springfield News-Leader

An American Christian woman marries a Muslim here in America on business, and they move to an Islamic country. Upon arriving, the Muslim husband takes his wife's American passport and effectively imprisons her in a land with a radically different view of women's rights and roles than America. The wife remains trapped for 20 years, despite pleading at the American Embassy for safety. All the time, her children are raised to be terrorists, against her will, by the imam at the mosque. Several relatives are killed in terrorist acts and one of her sons actually plants a bomb on an Israeli bank; fortunately, no one is killed in the explosion. This continues until her Muslim husband kills two men at a meeting in the mosque. In order to flee the country, her Muslim husband gives her American passport back and she is able to get back to America; upon arriving, her first act is to divorce her Muslim "husband." This was reality for our guest this Sunday — Walid Shoebat. He has gone from being a Muslim terrorist to being a Christian who speaks on behalf of Israel wherever he can.

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