Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tunisian opposition forms strategy for next elections

by Jamel Arfaoui from Magharebia (Tunisia)

Tunisia's Ettajdid (Renewal) Movement hosted a seminar on October 28th in which a number of leftist parties, political figures and progressive organisations explored the possibility of forming a unified front in the 2009 presidential and legislative elections. According to Ettajdid Secretary-General Ahmed Brahim, this is the first meeting of its kind to be allowed by Tunisian authorities in a public place ... Salah Zghidi, founding member of the Association for the Defence of Secularism in Tunisia, attacked opposition newspapers for failing to criticise what he described as religious extremism propagated by "the giant of oil television channels that destroys the brains of our youth", in reference to religious satellite channels funded by Saudi Arabia. Zeghidi stressed the need to confront religious intolerance and to spread the culture of democracy among the people.

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