Monday, November 19, 2007

Shi’a and the Shortage of Sheep: More Perspective on Gang-Rape in Saudi Arabia

by Faruq ‘Abd al Haqq from The American Muslim (US)

When I studied in Saudi Arabia twenty years ago, I was told by the other students not to talk to the seven students who were packed into a dormitory room designed for one person. When I asked why, they whispered, “Because they do not have souls.” This intrigued me, because I had never met humanoids without souls. I asked, “Do you mean that they are monkeys, or apes, or baboons, or orangutans that merely look like human beings?” The other students were confused by my question, because apparently they had never thought about it before. Finally they replied with what for them was the simple answer that cut off all questioning: “They are Shi’a!” [NOTE: the 19 year old rape victim is a Shia muslim]

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