Thursday, November 29, 2007

Serbia's Wahhabis to Stand Trial

from Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (Serbia)

The trial of about a dozen Wahhabis will start on January 14, said Maja Kovacevic-Tomic, a spokeswoman for the prosecution. The group arrested earlier this year in the Sandzak region of western Serbia has been charged with allegedly plotting to kill Muamer Zukorlic, a top Islamic cleric, and with planning attacks on a police station in Novi Pazar and on targets in the capital, Belgrade. Zukorlic told Balkan Insight he had been receiving death threats in the past, mainly over his mobile phone ... “We knew that these threats were coming from the Wahhabis because they were publicly saying such things,” Zukorlic said. The members of the Sandzak-based Wahhabi group were arrested in March following clashes with the police ... The Saudi-based movement claims it is seeking to restore a pure and original form of Islam. That has put it at odds with the traditional version of the faith practised in the Sandzak, a region which has a Muslim majority, and with Zukorlic in particular.

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