Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saudi envoy asks Canada to do more for Mideast peace

by Don Butler from The Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Because of its history of peacekeeping, its lack of colonial history and its support for developing nations, "everyone really looks at Canada with respect and admiration," Saudi Ambassador Abdulaziz Al-Sowayegh said during an unusually frank address at Carleton University. He said the most important thing Canada could do is support the implementation of UN resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict, including demands for Israeli's withdrawal to its 1967 borders. "That, as we see it, would solve all the problems of the region once and for all," he said ... Resolving that conflict, he said, would stop "extremists on both sides" from exploiting it "to advance their distorted ideologies." Though Saudi Arabia has been accused of supporting militant Islam, Mr. Al-Sowayegh said the Saudi leadership considers the fight against terrorism "a continuing struggle that we must win.

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