Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nigerian police arrest Al-Qaeda suspects

from AFP (France)

Nigerian State Security Service spokesman Ado Muazu told AFP, "our operatives arrested the suspects in Kano, Kaduna and Yobe states in connection with the threat of terrorism," adding that the suspects had a "link to Al-Qaeda groups". He said they also had links to a group known as the Nigerian Taleban. This Islamic extremist movement first emerged in 2002 calling for a stricter implementation of Islamic Sharia law in the 12 states of northern Nigeria that apply it ... SSS Director General Afakriya Gadzama told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that 10 people were arrested in all and three of them had been found to be fully involved in a planned attack in the country. Gadzama was further quoted as saying the suspects also had links to "an Asian country, currently in turmoil". He was not more specific. The unidentified security source said two of the men at least had travelled to Algeria and to "many countries in the Middle East with a reputation for terrorism". Gadzama said the suspects were arrested with some bags of fertiliser and firearms when their hideout was raided.

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