Monday, November 5, 2007

Mounties aid Swiss terror investigation

by Stewart Bell from The National Post

Canada and Switzerland have been co-operating on a terrorism financing investigation of Yasin Al Kadi, a Saudi businessman who once had business holdings in Vancouver and whose assets are frozen in Canada under anti-terrorism legislation, accused of funding Osama bin Laden. The investigation is one of several that, six years after the 9/11 attacks, are attempting to unravel the global web of charities and companies that bankrolled bin Laden as he built the al-Qaeda terrorist network ... On June 23, 2006, Swiss Judge Judge Marie-Antonella Bino formally asked Canada for the results of an RCMP investigation into Ibrahim Afandi, owner of the Gang Ranch in B.C. Mr. Afandi is also a former director of the International Islamic Relief Organization, a Saudi charity whose assets have been frozen by Canada for their alleged links to terror financing. Judge Bino's letter to the Justice Department said she needed the RCMP's file in order to assess "links and/or interesting similarities between some financial set-ups performed by Mr. Yasin Al Kadi and Mr. Ibrahim Afandi."

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Anonymous said...

so arr they a terrorists or what ?
ibrahim afandi is not rich anymore as alsharq alawsat newpaper he lost 800 millions? is he still rich or he is not anymore? i cant understand whats your point in this blog btw?