Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Minimum pay set for Indonesian workers

by Habib Shaikh from The Khaleej Times (UAE)

The Indonesian government and labour agencies have agreed to a minimum monthly wage of SR800 ($214) for new Indonesian migrant workers in the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia, which has some three million Indonesian workers. Saudi Arabia is the main importer of Indonesian workers in the Middle East. The majority of Indonesian workers are employed as maids and in the construction and mining sectors. In Saudi Arabia workers must also endure longer working hours of up to 18 hours per day. By comparison, Indonesian maids working in Hong Kong are paid HK$2,000 a month and are entitled to one day off a week. Indonesia’s labour attache in Jeddah, Agus Suwandi, said the Indonesian Embassy would not negotiate the decision with Sanarcom. “The embassy will only approve contracts with the new minimum wage,” he said. Earlier, the Saudi National Recruitment Committee, a non-governmental organisation of labour recruiters, rejected any move to declare a minimum wage for maids until problems concerning the status of maids were resolved.

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