Thursday, November 22, 2007

In The Name Of Allah

from The Times of India (India)

It is impractical to expect countries which subscribe to liberal and secular values to stop doing business with Saudi Arabia. But it is imperative that they — this includes India — condemn such outrageous instances. This is not just an internal Saudi affair. The Saudi interpretation of Islam sets a retrogressive example for the rest of the Muslim world. Already, the kingdom funds madrassas and mosques globally as part of its agenda to popularise the ultraconservative Wahhabi branch of Islam. Above all, it is important that moderate Muslim voices from the Muslim as well as secular world speak out against those who hijack Islam and distort its teachings to serve their own interests. A primitive attitudes towards human rights — as evidenced in this case — is a stigma not just on Saudi Arabia but also on the entire Islamic world at large.

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