Thursday, November 22, 2007

'I deny the allegations made against me'

by Dawn Walton from The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Sohail Qureshi, a 24-year-old University of Calgary computer-science graduate, was was held in an Afghan prison for five months this year but never charged with any terror-related crimes. In an e-mail exchange - the only way he would agree to talk - he explained the challenge of abiding by Islamic values in Calgary, "[Muslims] are ruled in their everyday lives by secular, democratic law, which is in opposition to the values of Islamic sharia." He talks about Islam as historically being "spread by the sword." He urges the removal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and other Muslim lands. He lauds the period when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. He speaks of the Western world, even some members of the Muslim world, as being "brainwashed" by the so-called war on terror ... Qureshi's father spoke to local imam Sheik Alaa Elsayed about his son's extreme religious views, including an announced intention to become a jihadist in Afghanistan. The imam, in turn, reminded the young man the Koran prohibited such actions. "I told him I had an obligation to notify the authorities, because I don't want to be an accomplice, nor did I want it to go further than this." Sohail Qureshi said the imam is spreading false interpretations of the Koran. "The reason is because he and others following his path wish to please the Christians and Jews by creating an image of Islam and Muslims which they will accept, instead of trying to please Allah by spreading the true Message of Islam."

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