Thursday, November 1, 2007

Darfuris express lofty ambitions for peace

by Opheera McDoom from Reuters

The more than 2 million Darfuris who sought refuge in makeshift camps -- one third of the region's population -- reject the peace talks in Sirte, Libya, which opened on Saturday despite a boycott by the key rebel factions. Even if rebels who are supported by the population went to the talks, the goals demanded by their increasingly politicized people would be a far cry from the agenda prepared by African Union and United Nations mediators. Separating religion from state in Sudan, which operates under Islamic sharia law, having democratic elections to change the government, and a referendum on possible Darfur secession are the issues these victims want addressed ... "We want another government," said Ibrahim Musa Abakr, 37, who fled the war to a camp near Darfur's main town. Abakr said the government had exploited Islam for it own ends -- to remain in power.

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