Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Building set to start on Saudi-funded Mosque

from The Local (Sweden)

The new mosque, to be built in the Hisingen area, will include a 25-metre minaret. When the building is completed in 2009 it will bring to an end more than fifteen years of waiting for the city's Muslims. The government of Saudi Arabia has contributed 44 million kronor of the 50 million kronor cost of building the mosque ... The ultra-conservative Wahabi brand of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia has meant that some liberal Muslims in Gothenburg have been sceptical towards accepting Saudi money. But Mohammed insisted that the Saudi authorities would not have control over the running of the mosque. "They have not made any demands. Also, it was not them who sought us out - we went to them." Mohammed said that the only requirements from the Saudis were that the mosque should be "welcoming to Muslims and non-Muslims."

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