Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Annihilation of Infidels

from The British National Party (UK)

The protracted war in Iraq and other policies of the Bush administration sends a schizophrenic message to the Islamic world. The Bush administration opposes Wahabis, al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. But it supports Saudi Arabia, the source of the Wahabi doctrine. It supports Sunni Pakistan, calling it a key ally against war on terror and opposes Sunni Taliban, which is the creation of Pakistani intelligence services. It opposes the Iranian regime of Shiite ayatollahs, and at the same time it supports the Iraqi Shiite-led government. The administration opposes Sunnis in Iraq and supports Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kuwait. This administration’s myopia minimizes the effectiveness of our military making it incapable of distinguishing a friend from a foe. Bush is guilty of conducting a defensive war. He wants to protect the United States from terrorists, but fails to understand that terrorists are the product of their philosophical views and he fails to attack their philosophy, which is Universal Jihad. The progenitors of universal jihad are Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia — the true axis of evil. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are not our allies; they are our enemies. These outlaw nations must be demilitarized, secularized and democratized. That should be the goal of our “war on terror.“

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