Thursday, November 22, 2007

Algeria: close Al-Qaeda ring leader followers, ready to surrender

by A. Oussam and K. Sonia, translated by Hakim. A from Echorouk Online (Algeria)

According to corroborating sources, the elimination of the right- hand man of the “Islamic Maghreb Al Qaeda” ring leader, Abdelmalek Droudkel killed by Algerian security forces, reshuffled the cards inside this organization, and resulted in a severe hemorrhage of its elements ... Leaked news revealed deep dissentions appeared to daylight among close followers of the ring leader known, Abu Mousaab Abdelouaddoud, refusing any kind of dialogue and standing firm on their position meaning no to ( dialogue, reconciliation, solidarity). Experts in anti-terrorist struggle stated that these hard-liners were behind the last terror attacks that hit “Kabylia” regions recently such as the spectacular “tour de force” in the quiet town of Yakouren where a gendarmerie barracks was targeted by the barbarous hordes. The same experts added that it is quite likely that “Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb” will proceed to, a series of executions against “rebellious” elements within its organization, who expressed their will to depart from terror activities and join the reconciliation ranks. This unexpected U-Turn in this organization is essentially due to the refusal of a lot of terrorists to commit kamikaze attacks against innocent civilians following the latest “Fatwa” issued by repentant prominent figures who denounced such acts.

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