Wednesday, October 31, 2007

‘We Want Rights Not Concessions’

by Khaled Almaeena from Arab News

King Abdullah said yesterday that Arabs want their legitimate rights, rather than concessions from Israel. “We don’t want concessions. We are people with rights and we demand our rights,” the king told the BBC when asked whether he expected any Israeli concessions in order to reach a Middle East peace settlement. Saudi Ambassador Prince Muhammad emphasized that the withdrawal of Israel from occupied Arab territories was inevitable to achieve peace ... In the interview, King Abdullah also spoke about the political, social and economic reforms taking place in the Kingdom and the growing role of Saudi women in society. “Islam has given the most rights to women in the world and they are strong and important participants in our society,” he said when asked about the condition of women in Saudi Arabia. He also said the Kingdom would not deviate from its Islamic faith and solid principles while making progress in worldly affairs.

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