Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Talking with Terrorists: Part 2

Aaron Klein interviewed by Gerald Korson from Catholic Online

Q: You mention in your book the terrorists have described to you what life in the United States would be like if their brand of Islam takes over. What did they say?

Klein: They explain how women would have to have their heads covered, and they couldn't hold certain kinds of jobs. Thet would not allow new churches or synagogues to be built under Islamic sharia law. Existing churches and synagogues can do no new construction and they can't be loud. No alcohol will be served in the Islamic states. Non-Muslims – and obviously there are a lot of non-Muslims in America – would have to pay a special "protection tax," called jisyah, just to live in the Muslim state of America. By the way, that "protection tax" is not something they just made up. They also told me about American music, culture, movies – these will all be shut down ... They think Britney Spears represents American women. They basically see Britney as our daughters.

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