Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Talking on corrupt nuclear deal is dramatic imagination: official source

from SANA'A & NewsYemen

The government has met during talks with the Power Corporation in Sana'a, Aden, Dubai, Washington D.C, Detroit and San Diego with tens of different businessmen, investors, technicians, Arab and foreign bankers, said the source. The source said the Powered Corporation was established for intvestment in field of power in general and in nuclear energy in particular. It said it has focuses on Middle East, especially Yemen, because there is a Yemeni partner in the corporation, as he said ... A Yemeni journalist in America, Muneer al-Mawiri, first published news of the deal in an article for MarebPress.Net He said that a Saudi lawyer Khalid al-Sunaid helps them in judicial procedures in favor of the corporation. The company was founded by a Yemeni-American Jalal Abdul Ghani and a US partner James Jeffery.

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