Thursday, October 25, 2007

Somalia PM visits Ethiopia, insurgents attack Mogadishu

from Garowe Online

Prime Minister Gedi will hold talks with senior Ethiopian and African Union officials who aided the interim Somali government last January by deploying troops to oust Islamic Courts rulers from Mogadishu. Meanwhile, insurgent attacks continue in Mogadishu where at least 7 civilians died today after a roadside bomb missed a police patrol and hit a minibus carrying 23 passengers. No group has claimed responsibility, but the capital has been targeted by Islamist fighters attempting to overthrowing the interim government... Mortars rained down on Mogadishu port Mortars rained down on Mogadishu port where African Union (AU) peacekeepers from Uganda stand guard. Al-Shabaab, the Islamists' militant youth wing, claimed responsibility. Witnesses and port employees said at least 6 mortar shells slammed into parts of the airport. Other mortars hit surrounding neighborhoods. Two civilians, a mother and her daughter, died inside their home when a shell rammed into the roof. Medical contacts at three Mogadishu hospitals said six people were admitted overnight with wounds.

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