Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seismic shift

by Shakir Husain from The News

From my own personal experiences as an entrepreneur who meets a lot of young people who are fresh out of university, the only thing which is clear is their spark. But the educational institutions from which they graduate are failing to provide them with key “real” world skills. There are exceptions, but on the whole they are coming from a flawed primary and secondary educational system based on rote learning. This saps any critical thinking skills that a child possesses, which is hardly the basis for innovation or critical analysis in later years ... What we need are teachers and professors not huge concrete buildings and “mega” projects. If we are to roll back the increasing influence of madressahs churning out half-baked madaris with little academic knowledge, creating intelligent and free thinking young minds should be the priority of the day. This century is about science and knowledge, and Pakistan will have to overhaul its education system to be able to stay relevant.

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