Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Randeep Ramesh in New Delhi

by Randeep Ramesh from The Guardian

The BBC documentary Clash of Worlds came under attack from one of India's largest Islamic groups for linking their movement, Deobandism, to Osama bin Laden and "extremist" Muslim groups around the world ... Clerics in Delhi have also been incensed that their creed has been termed an Indian version of Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi school, seen as a hardline, revivalist form of Islam. Charles Allen, a historian and one of the documentary's presenters, said: "I don't feel bad about condemning Deobandism. In India it set the Muslim cause back by a couple of centuries by turning its back on the west. In Pakistan and Afghanistan it has helped to promote extremism, intolerance and violence, and in Britain today it is helping to drive a wedge between Muslim and Muslim and between British Muslims and the rest of Britain."

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