Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Policy expert says students can affect terrorism funding

by Mel McKrell from The Temple News

Former US Treasury analyst Jonathan Schanzer, the director of the Jewish Policy Center, addressed terrorism financing to an audience of 30 at Temple University's Fox School of Business. In addition to Iran, Schanzer also targeted Syria and Saudi Arabia as state sponsors of terrorism. He said financial leniency toward these countries has yielded another enabler of terrorism: the United States ... He added that Saudi Arabia's part in terrorism comes from its funding of mosques that support a radical version of the Koran. He estimated that 20% of the Muslim population supports this radical interpretation that drives terrorism. "That's 340 million people who seek to destroy the United States, who seek to destroy Israel, who seek to destroy the system we now thrive in," he said. Schanzer expressed frustration with the U.S.-Saudi alliance. "We needed to get ourselves off oil yesterday, maybe last week," he said. "When I was working in the Treasury, there was a constant fear of saying too much to the Saudis because we need their oil."

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