Monday, October 1, 2007

Minority Alliances in the Middle East

by Carlos Edde from Dar Al-Hayat

(NOTE: This is from a pro-Syrian/Iranian source)

Today in Lebanon, it is essential for Alawites, Shiites, Druze and Christians to collaborate, countering the imbalance of numbers, and controlling a politically viable territory along the Mediterranean cost ... General Aoun's followers, who believed in a united and indissoluble Lebanon, promote the following arguments to justify their new policy:

  • The Hariri clan wants to naturalize Palestinians, in order to eliminate Shiites first and Christians later, to transform Lebanon into a Sunni Wahhabi nation.
  • The same clan is behind Lebanon's economic crisis and public debt.
  • Hizbullah is Lebanon's strongest party. It has the financing and the arms, and constitutes the first line of defense for Christians. Without it, the danger of Saudi-backed Sunni cannot be thwarted.
  • Christians have no interest in opposing the Syrian regime that represents their best protection, of which President Bashar Al Assad is the guarantor.
  • Fatah Al-Islam, Jund Al Sham and other Sunni militias are behind all assassinations and terrorist acts. They are financed by Saudis and the Hariri family, while their arms come through the airport.

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