Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mauritania: First Arrests of Al-Qa'ida Suspects

by Yaniv Berman from The Media Line

The Mauritanian security forces arrested seven people in the last two days, all suspected of affiliation with the Algerian-based Al-Qa'ida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb (QOIM - previously known as GSPC), the Saudi daily Al-Watan reported. Local security sources say that information received from the Moroccan and Spanish intelligence agencies as well as their own investigations into the seven suspects indicate that QOIM agents have been infiltrating Mauritania through the Algerian border, aiming at executing terror attacks against Western interests in the country. In the past few months the Mauritanian regime has been threatened by Al-Qa'ida second-in-command, Ayman A-Zawahiri. Mauritania is among three Muslim countries that have signed peace treaties with Israel ... The recent arrests, however, are the first detentions of local Mauritanians, who are accused of affiliation with QOIM, a diplomatic source in Nouakchott told The Media Line.

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