Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Maldives clears out 'extremist' mosque

by Ajay Makan in Male and Peter Foster from The Telegraph

Terrorism experts and senior local politicians have expressed concern that a small number of Maldives nationals have been travelling to Pakistan where they have been radicalised and even trained in terrorist techniques. More than 50 suspects were arrested at the Dhar-ul-Khair mosque on the island of Himandhoo which has been operating in defiance of Maldivian law which requires all mosques to be under government control ... The threat from the Wahhabi brand of Islamist extremism, evidenced by a marked increase in Islamic dress, is causing growing concern in the Maldives, a Sunni Muslim nation which has a long tradition of moderate Islam. A recent report states that the Maldives government had detained 400 suspected extremists in 2006.

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