Thursday, October 25, 2007

'It's OK for Saudi women not to drive'

by Eman Mohammed from Gulf News

The issue of Saudi women and driving triggered a heated debate at the New Arab Women's Forum in Dubai. Nawal Al Shalhoub, wife of the Saudi Consul General in Dubai, said during a panel discussion about women and public affairs that she did not think it necessary for Saudi women to drive as they have full rights. "Women don't have to drive in Saudi Arabia because they are used to having drivers or can always be driven by family members," she said. Nawal, who has lived in Dubai for 10 years and drives her own car, says it is OK for her not to drive in Saudi Arabia. Nadine Al Bedair, a Saudi presenter and producer of Al Hurra TV, who was in the audience at the Emirates Towers, responded: "She doesn't have the right to speak on behalf of all Saudi women who don't have any social or political rights. It's humiliating to say that."

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