Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Islamic Reformation

by Ali Eteraz from Comment is free

The American proclivity for direct and indirect alliances with extremist Muslims is indeed unnerving. However, as iI demonstrated in two earlier posts for Comment is free (here and here), the intellectual trends of extremism were already in Islam, otherwise the US and its dictatorial allies in the Middle East would not have been able to exploit them ... While there has been some attempt by the Salafis - such as Tariq Ramadan and Salman al-Audah, Bin Laden's former (now repentant) mentor - to contain the excesses of this "total" Wahhabism, they have proven unable to do so. Not only that, but the best that even the moderate wing of the Salafi organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood can do is turn a jihadist into an Islamist - ie someone who wants to have the power to veto all legislation under the authority of a certain kind of Sharia. That simply won't do.

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