Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From the ashes of fundamentalism

by Sharif Nashashibi from The Guardian

Fundamentalism is taking the region to "a new catastrophe, the worst one," which is a Sunni-Shia war, said Elias Khoury, a Christian Lebanese novelist with an Islamic background - he used to go to church and read the Qur'an at the same time. He warned "our Israeli cousins" not to wish for such an outcome, for this would lead the region, including Israel, to self-destruction. The Arab media is among the victims of fundamentalism and dictatorship, according to Khoury. "The pan-Arab newspapers are Saudi, and the pan-Arab satellite TV stations are either Saudi or Qatari, which means that all the media is under the control of a fundamentalist ideology," he said. "And the media is under the service of regimes."

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Abu Daoud said...

Sounds accurate.