Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Criticism of the Religious Discourse in Saudi Arabia

by Y. Admon from MEMRI

Khaled Al-Ghanami from Al-Watan wrote: "Until recently, people [in Saudi Arabia] did not know much about the issue of heresy and did not delve into it, while today everyone is exploring this important subject in depth... Why? Because we speak so much of heresy - in books, research, pamphlets, and sermons preached in mosques... [Heresy] is an ill that is spreading and [becoming] an all-encompassing evil that will aggravate the problem [of terrorism], and will never lead to its solution."

Sa'ud Al-Balawi from Al-Watan wrote: "The root of the problem is that the religious discourse claims that it alone can deliver the public from its problems and crises, while in reality it amounts to nothing but pompous language and offers no feasible solutions. In addition, it fails before most of the political and non-political crises that have occurred and are still occurring in Islam."

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Abu Daoud said...

Great words and good insights from al balawi.