Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Best beware of this elephant

by Salim Mansur from The Edmonton Sun

Provincial elections in English Canada rarely have any national implication. But it is John Tory and his Progressive Conservative party's policy to provide full public funding of faith-based private schools that has emerged as a hot, divisive issue and it might well decide the outcome of the upcoming election ... Tory's policy is the ignored elephant in the room. Public funds would be made available to Muslim schools supervised mostly by people of fundamentalist persuasion or those tilting towards religious extremism. It is instructive to note most mosques in North America, as elsewhere, are controlled and administered by Muslims variously connected with Saudi Arabia or some other Gulf country. These Muslim faith-based schools will grow in numbers if Tory's policy gets adopted, and children will be exposed to the sort of education soaked in bigotry that is a grave malady for the Arab-Muslim world.

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