Friday, October 19, 2007

Asymmetry In The War On Terror

by Mark Steyn from The Evening Bulletin

The most successful example of globalization is not Starbucks or McDonald's but Wahhabism, an obscure backwater variant of Islam practiced by a few Bedouin deadbeats that Saudi oil wealth has now exported to every corner of the earth - to Waziristan, Indonesia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Toronto, Portland, Dearborn and Falls Church ... So many of the administration's present problems derive from a squeamishness about ideological confrontation that any effective "Long Telegram" would have to address. When the president declared a "war on terror," cynics understood that he had no particular interest in the IRA or the Tamil Tigers but that he was constrained from identifying the real enemy in any meaningful sense: In the fall of 2001, a war on Islamic this or Islamo that would have caused too many problems with Gen. Musharraf and the House of Saud and other chaps he wanted to keep on side.

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