Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wake up, the invisible front line runs right through your back yard

by Timothy Garton Ash from The Guardian

Rooting out al-Qaida and beating back the renascent Taliban is an integral part of combating jihadist terrorism, also in Europe. So is trying to change the poisonous mixture of radical religion and politics in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The man who seems to have been a ringleader of the German group, a convert to Islam called Fritz Gelowicz, was radicalised in the Multi-Kultur-Haus (another blow to the good name of multiculturalism) in Neu-Ulm by instructors from the toxic Wahhabi sect of Islam, based in and funded by that great American ally, Saudi Arabia. He then reportedly went for Arabic language training in Syria and terrorist training in the border regions of Pakistan, in a camp run by the Islamic Jihad Union, originally an Uzbek group. According to German sources, the instruction to launch the anniversary attack came by email from Pakistan. So in its pathology, the threat we face is both international and intranational, global and local. Death comes to you out of Neu-Ulm by way of Waziristan. The invisible front line runs 5,000 miles away - and right in front of your nose.

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