Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Six years on, the root problem remains

by Jonathan Manthorpe from The Vancouver Sun

A core of the problem the world faces with disenchanted, violent young Muslims is the unholy deal between the government of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh -- in effect, the royal family -- and the fanatical fringe Wahhabist Islamic sect. The Saudis have bought peace at home -- well, not always -- by spewing money at the Wahhabists to go spread their venom elsewhere ... Because of this patronage Wahhabism has achieved influence far beyond the credibility of its doctrines by setting up schools, universities and mosques around the Muslim world as well as funding missionary work by fanatical clerics ... One of the places where the Wahhabists have been especially successful in perverting the minds of disoriented young people is in the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan, especially in Saudi-funded madrasah religious schools in and around the western city of Peshawa.

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