Thursday, September 13, 2007

Police, firefighters are 'community's heroes'

by Francis X. Donnelly from The Detroit News

Whether it's terrorism or other types of danger, police and firefighters are needed every day to protect the populace, said Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The same theme resounded at other Sept. 11 ceremonies around Metro Detroit, ranging from moments in silence in schools to a rally in front of Dearborn City Hall by an Arab-American group. The Iraqi American Coalition for Peace wanted to show its sympathy for all the Americans who died in the terrorist attacks, President Mustafa Al-Saffi said. But he also wanted to spotlight a group that he believes allows terrorism to flourish in the Middle East -- Saudi Arabia's government. The government allows religious leaders to teach a radical version of Islam called Wahhabism that bolsters the popularity of al-Qaida, Al-Saffi said. "The problem is that the Wahhabi hijacked Islam," he said. "They've damaged the image of Muslims all over the world."

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