Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kuwaiti PM seeks to axe 'derogatory' Shiite TV serial

from AFP

The serial entitled "Sins Have A Price" is due to air on the Dubai-based and Saudi owned Arab MBC station during Ramadan, which is expected to start on Thursday ... The serial highlights a form of marriage, known as "temporary marriage", particular to Shiite Islam under which a man and a woman may wed for any period of time from just an hour to 99 years. This form of marriage is banned under the Sunni branch of Islam. In this Gulf emirate, which is Sunni-ruled but has a significant Shiite minority, Sunni and Shiite activists and lawmakers in this have called for the programme to be banned as an insult to Shiites. "The serial includes a total distortion of Shiism. It deals with faith issues in a distorted manner. It also incites sectarianism," between the two major branches of Islam, said leading Shiite MP Adnan Abdulsamad.

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