Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jordan launches national project to curb violence against women

from The Associated Press

Jordan launched a U.S.-funded project Monday to curb violence and other forms of abuse against women under the auspices of the country's Queen Rania. A 2002 study, "Jordan Demographic and Health Survey," found that 87% of women here believe their husbands are justified in using physical or verbal abuse ... Women make up roughly half of the population of nearly 6 million people. But decision-making authority is largely held by men in this conservative tribal-based society. An average of 20 women are killed each year by male relatives in so-called "honor crimes," in which male relatives murder them for simply having a relationship with a male. Still, many women in Jordan enjoy more freedom than their counterparts in other Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia. They can drive cars, divorce their husbands, hold prominent positions in government and business and can travel abroad without the consent of male relatives.

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