Monday, September 3, 2007

The Islamist

by Amir Taheri from

Ed Husain's account of what he calls Wahhabism is based on the caricature peddled by the Western media. As a result he describes as Wahhabi a good part of the Salafi belief system. Despite his break with Islamism, Husain is still unable to appreciate the core values of modern Europe. In his autobiographical book, "The Islamist," he writes: "Many of my Muslim friends {in Britain} rightly ask what we are supposed to integrate into. ' Big Brother' life-style? Ladette culture? Binge drinking? Gambling?" The implication is that Britain is that and only that. However, Husain and his " Muslim friends" could integrate into a democratic system of politics, the rule of law, freedom of religious belief and practice, the universal charter of human rights, and educational, cultural and economic opportunities that the majority in the Muslim world could only dream of.

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