Thursday, September 6, 2007

In the name of Oil

by Reza Zarabi from The Jerusalem Post

The same parallels can also be found in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically Saudi Arabia. For decades, the self-appointed rulers that comprise the House of Saud have lived out their playboy fantasies while their population chafed under the Wahabbist socialism that is imposed upon them. Except for the "tourism" profits that come from all and anything associated with the yearly Hajj ritual, the primary source of Saudi income is also petroleum. As they've watched their treasury be filled with the profits of oil mongering while they yearly receive both political and economic support from the West, they have failed to invest into the capabilities of their population. An economically empowered middle class and the subsequent political self-determination that it most always accompanies is an internal threat to the House of Saud. Therefore, as in the Islamic Republic of Iran, only the oligarchs manage the nations most profitable export.

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