Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bush sees Iran as new threat to U.S.

by Evgeny Khrushchov from Russia Today

The U.S. dispatched GIs to kill or capture UBL (Usama Bin Laden) in Afghanistan but the bad guys did a vanishing act. It’s hard to believe, but they peacefully plot and perpetrate attacks in Pakistan against America, according to the latest National Intelligence Estimate. Unabashed, President Bush unveils a dramatic revision of strategic threat assessment to the United States ... With a promise of ‘strategic patience’ from Bush, Al-Qaeda has managed to convert operation Iraqi freedom from a war of distraction to a war of attrition. Come to think of it, the major benefactors of this oratorical exercise are Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan and their Wahhabi spiritual leaders in Saudi Arabia. Somehow they figure out that George Bush is not a flip-flopper. They can trust him as a man of his word, because he does what he says and he says what he believes.

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