Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beirut Routs Bin Laden Allies

by Nicholas Blanford and Nahr Al-Bared from Time

Despite the Lebanese army's triumph against Fatah al-Islam in Nahr al-Bared, many Lebanese are worried about further violence from militant jihadists, both home-grown and foreign, who could be enticed by Lebanon's worsening security environment. In the poorer Sunni areas of Lebanon, Osama bin Laden remains a symbol of popular defiance against the West and the United States in particular. In the impoverished Tebbaneh quarter of Tripoli in north Lebanon, graffiti praising bin Laden and former al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are scrawled on the walls of drab apartment blocks alongside posters of Saddam Hussein ... "Islamic extremists don't have to go to Tebbaneh to recruit people, Tebbaneh goes to them," said Sheikh Ibrahim Salih, a prominent Salafi cleric in Tripoli.

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