Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anti-al Qaeda base envisioned

by Willis Witter from The Washington Times

"Suppose you have here [in the United States] a base to counter al Qaeda in the war of ideas?" exiled Egyptian cleric Ahmed Subhy Mansour asked during a recent luncheon at The Washington Times. "You could convince a large number — millions of silent Muslims. We can convince them very easily that the real enemy is not the United States. It is not Israel. The real enemy is the dictators in the Muslim world and the culture of the Wahhabis and Muslim Brotherhood," he said, referring to the dominant arbiters of Islamic orthodoxy in Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively. "Killing people just because they are not Muslims, they have a Hadith for this. To kill a Muslim like me after accusing him to be an 'apostate," they have a Hadith for this. To persecute the Jews, they have a Hadith for this. "All this is garbage. It has nothing to do with Islam. It contradicts more than one-fourth of the Koranic verses," Sheik Mansour said ... in May and June, Egyptian authorities arrested five leaders of his movement, including his brother, on charges of "insulting Islam" and began investigations of 15 others, with the intent, he said, to destroy the entire movement.

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