Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another September 11th Attack is Not 'If' But 'When'

by State Rep. Gene Ward from Hawaii Reporter

I have been totally shocked by the You Tube sermons being broadcast by firebrand, radical fundamentalist imams, particularly from those belonging to the Wahabi sect and their unabashed goal of world domination. I do not believe Islam is driven by this fanaticism -- but I do believe that the fanatic Wahabis are twisting Islam to drive their cause and incite the masses in Islamic nations and among Muslim communities around the world ... Pacification of this fanaticism thus appears to be a long-term proposition that could consume much of our nation's time and resources. And because of the virulent nature of this movement, which is also extremely anti-Semitic, the enabling environment for acts of terrorism are ripe all over the United States, including Hawaii.

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